What they say about us

Score: 9/10 // Really nice and cozy family hotel with great atmosphere! The staff is so friendly and helpful! Perfect place for a good holiday :)

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Vladislav - Couples holiday

Score: 9/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Danas - Family holiday

Score: 9/10 // Loved the friendly staff. Beds were slightly too narrow.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Murtomaa - Holiday with friends

Score: 8/10 // Comfortable, simple and non pretentious. Lacked a bit of atmosphere but we are out of season.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Anonimo - Solo holiday

Score: 7/10 // Lots of light and good location. Noise from the lift and other guests.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Francesca - Solo holiday

Score: 9/10 //Everything Great and modern rooms Luxurious and useful lobby. Poor breakfast

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Moshe - Family holiday

Score: 10/10 // Room size, wifi, breakfast! Everything was good.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Victorproshin - Solo holiday

Score: 8/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Angel - Family holiday

Score: 10/10 // The staff (Marco, Sonia, Federica) is very attentive. We liked the breakfast set up for my husband's birthday. Thank you! Also, the room and the bed were very comfortable. We arrived late around 10.15 pm and all the restaurants in the area were closed.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Olga - Couples holiday

Score: 8/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Nour - Couples holiday

Score: 8/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Andrei - Holiday with friends

Score: 10/10

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Oresta - Couples holiday

Score: 9/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Christoph - Couples holiday

Score: 7/10 // Good location, two minute walk from the beach, the staff were friendly and attentive. Ended up with a room in the old part of the hotel, not refurbished, bathroom was outdated and smelly, room did not offer any noise protection from the hallway - if we had been made aware of the room age at the time of booking, we would not have chosen this hotel.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Moritz - Couples holiday

Score: 8/10 // The property is beautiful and clean and the staff are very accomodating. It was too hot for spleeping in our room - we turned the AC all the way up and it was still uncomfortably warm.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Chase - Holiday with friends

Score: 8/10 // The property is beautiful and clean and the staff are very accommodating. It was too hot for sleeping in our room - we turned the AC all the way up and it was still uncomfortably warm.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Chase - Holiday with friends

Score: 10/10 // Incredibly sweet staff, very personal experiences. Everyone smiled and asked if everything was ok. High level of service, everyone jumped in and out for one. Excellent breakfast. Felt like a hotel where everyone thrives a lot!

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Frederik - Couples holiday

Score: 9/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Gudrun - Family holiday

Score: 10/10 // Rooms were clean but shower towels were missing and the over all feel of the room was cold.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 020 Alice - Business trip

Score: 10/10 // Nice location, room and staff were kind.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Ahmed - Business trip

Score: 10/10 // A very welcoming hotel. Everything corresponds to what is described in the proposals. The sea is very close, there is a free beach nearby. Breakfast is normal, for dinner we went to a restaurant in front of the hotel.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Sergey - Couples holiday

Score: 5/5 // " We've been coming here for years and watched the hotel grow and constantly strive to improve - it's homely, welcoming, stylish, comfortable with staff who are attentive but not intrusive. You'd think that they couldn't improve but every time we notice a little tweak here or a small change that just lifts the standard further. With covid the hotel has kept all of it's charm whilst respecting the rules. For the wheelchair user... hard - yes it works but the bathrooms are difficult as the doorways are narrow and my wheelchair doesn't fit. But I have now found one room with a wider door to the bathroom (this was a shock to me and the hotel owners as we thought that they're all the same size) so even happier... "

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Simon-Newton - Family holiday

Score: 9,2/10 // The fabulous staff. Cleanliness. Very comfortable bed. The owners two wonderful people. Good breakfast

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Salvador - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // Extremely friendly staff. Very helpful. Breakfast was good but no meat like sausage, bacon or eggs.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Christo - Business trip

Score: 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Darijo - Couples holiday

Score : 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Igor - Holiday with friends

Score: 10/10 // The hotel is built in the best times of Italy, very clean and well maintained, undoubtedly has its own style and charm, allows you to feel the authentic Liguria. The wicker furniture in the courtyard, greenery and birds singing at the end of October is something unforgettable. Breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables from the local gardens were very much appreciated. The staff was pleased with their responsiveness and hospitality, and thank you very much for that. Bicycles were rented and ridden in the surroundings - fascinating landscapes of the sea and mountains, stylish places of rest of the real Italians. I highly recommend it. In my opinion, for the complete ideal is to give modernity to the bathrooms in the rooms.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Mihails - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Marco - Couples holiday

Score: 7,9/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Gideon - Couples holiday

Score: 8,8/10 // Close to the beach, good breakfast - lots of fruit and cakes, nice service. Ideal place for couples and good as a base for excursions.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Izabela - Couples holiday

Score: 9,6/10 // The staff. What a welcoming change in Italy. They make you feel at home. But they are also very helpfull with planning your trips and so on. Nice pool. Nice breakfast. Sonia Marco , the daughter of the owner many thanks for your hospitality and kindness. They also have bikes available. Just a litlle a bit the location. There is 1 good restaurant just across the street but if you want something else its always car. Its personal but i like to be within walking distance. However the rent out bikes. But as the roads are not realy bike friendly i would not go on a bike at night.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Yowrick menten - Solo holiday

Score: 9,6/10 // A wonderful location, great breakfast, very friendly staff, its all good. A little room with gym equipment to work out is the only thing missing.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 David - Solo holiday

Score: 9,6/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Hans - Family holiday

Score: 8,3/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Noémi - Couples holiday

Score: 9,2/10 // · Parking, friendly staff, large room, very clean. :) · Design of obsolete rooms, a sleepy city. :(

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Eccellente - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // 1. the attitude of hotel owners to each guest is incredible, so much attention and warmth! Nowhere else have we met such a thing! 2. The hotel offers incredible views of the mountains! We have never seen such a beautiful place before. 3. Across the road a lot of beaches, among them there is free (which is rare for this resort) 4. Plenty of delicious fruits at breakfast and incredibly delicious cheese:) 5. Very tasty dinners, every day something new! The chef's fantasies did not cease to be surprised:) You can have dinner right in the hotel! 6. Friendly and helpful smiley staff. All!!!! Thank you!Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Karina - Family holiday

Score: 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Anonimo - Family holiday

Score : 8.8/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Anonimo - Family holiday

Score : 10/10 // The great service is excellent with very attentive and friendly staff. Breakfast is a delight. The owner is always present and willing to give tips on places to visit. It has a Moroccan employee who serves breakfast and is very attentive and friendly providing a personalized service. In addition the rooms are very good and the daily cleaning is great. The swimming pool is nice and the hotel is taken care of. - I liked everything. If I were to suggest something I would just increase the variety of dishes on the menu for lunch and snacks. And it would offer partnerships for those who want to play sports in gyms or nearby courts.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Anonimo - Family holiday

Score: 9,6/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Tony - Business trip

Score: 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Maria - Family holiday

Score : 10/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Sten - Couples holiday

Score : 9,2/10 // Breakfast , bed and cleaning.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Kristina - Couples holiday

Score : 10/10 // Very nice room with a beautiful view. The breakfast was delicious. Staff was very nice.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Paula - Couples holiday

Score : 8,8/10 // Great staff and nice facilities. I went there out of the season , so nothing relevant.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Marco - Couples holiday

Score : 9,2/10 //

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 James - Business trip

Score: 9.6/10 // + Fantastic family run hotel. Room was excellent although bathroom needs modernising and a makeover. Room cleaning ++. Breakfast excellent lots of choice and fresh fruit / bread/ cold meats etc. You could tell the pride in the hotel from the owners of this independant hotel who greeted us on every occasion.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Robert - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // + Excellent welcome even though our arrival time was late. The lovely staff upgraded our room (we hadn't asked for this). Spacious luxurious bedroom was classy with understated modern decor, everything looked brand new including decoration, loads of plug points including USB, lovely large bed (which was changed daily), two easy chairs, large bathroom with efficient shower, bathrobes and lots of towels, lots of storage and hanging space, key safe, lovely balcony with chairs and table, FANTASTIC view of pool, garden, river, sea, boats, mountains etc. Fantastic breakfast with vast selection - everything you could posibly want including gluten, vegan and decaf etc. Lovely staff were always available ad helpful without being over attentive. Lovely pool. It was wonderfully quiet when we went (between high holiday season and the beginning of the conference season). Will definitely return.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Helen - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // + Perfect location, large clean pool, super hosts, tasty fresh breakfast, both public and private beaches plus lovely restaurants within walking distance and a 10min ride to Forte dei Marmi.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Natalie - Couples holiday

We spent a week in the hotel at the end of July. We took three rooms as we are a big family with kids. Chose the hotel because of the location and it’s high rating. The location is on the border of Forte Dei Marmi and and Cinquale. The hotel is 1 street from the beach, no more than 100 meters away. We loved the vacation we had and the hotel played a big role in overall satisfaction. It is what we like. Modern, clean, simple yet beautiful interior. It is not big, another thing we liked. Typically Italian. They can make simple things beautiful, stylish. The rooms are medium size, but have all that’s needed. White interiors. WiFi worked well the whole time. Speed was nice. The WiFi didn’t reach some places outside. At night, the bartender IS the receptionist, so you could have drinks very late. We loved the breakfast as well. It had fruits, natural yogurts, very good cereals and everything we needed. Kids liked it, we liked it. Coffee was nice. We never tried the Hotel’s pool, but it is there and looked attractive. We just went to the beach every day instead. I wanted to try it out, but didn’t manage. The staff was very nice, caring, smiling. Spoke little English, but sufficient for what we needed. The grey haired lady was checking with us every breakfast. She is the owner. She was very nice and I want to congratulate her on this business and for making it such for her guests. They are very kind people. Thanks. What else. Room service was fast. Pizza delivered quickly and is no worse than in any pizzeria in town. One thing to warn about is the fact that my BMW navigation didn’t have the hotel, could not locate it by name. Google maps found it easily. So when I needed to go back from afar, I entered nearby locations instead. We enjoyed our vacation in Tuscany. The hotel is very nice, clean, fresh, beautiful, great for kids and families. In my view it is a 5 star hotel.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Azat - Family holiday

Score: 5/5 // Very nice hotel with a great and helpful staff. The hotel as a great pool area and are only minutes from the beach. Not many guests used the pool so you could always easily find lots of free sun beds. The hotel is close to som nice restaurants and only a short bike trip away from Forte di Marmi. We were very pleased with our stay...oh, and they serve a nice breakfast buffet.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Simjac - Couples holiday

Score: 5/5 // We had a nice stay at this hotel. The highlights are: clean, great staff, close to the beach, own salt water swimming pool and really delicious breakfast (especially very fresh fruit!). Regarding breakfast, it’s continental style but was super for us. If you are looking for fried breakfast and lots of hot options, you won’t get it here.Some things that make me not give it 5 out of 5: in house drinks and lunch was unjustifiably expensive (albeit nice but I’m surprised at the prices given the many wonderful restaurants around), the rooms are a little dated (if only bathrooms were updated, it would already make a huge difference), part of the hotel overlooks a very busy road (this is not an issue if the windows are closed but you can’t use the balcony due to the road) . My advice would be to request a room that overlooks the swimming pool. I think it would have made our experience even better.I would definitely recommend this hotel despite some areas for development and suggest you follow my advice on the room request.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Omg - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // + This hotel is amazing ! the staff one of the best and believe me I travel a lot! Stunning looking place, it is like Eden garden, I felt there like at Home and their cookies,you got to try x.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Marta - Couples holiday

Score: 10/10 // + Great and friendly hotel. The room was big and the bed was great. The staff would do everything for you. Very nice breakfast.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Porgeir - Couples holiday

It's like you've never left, the welcome is warm and from the heart from everyone. This little hotel continues to improve. The effortless appearance is testimony to the continuous improvements the owners make. The newly refurbished rooms on the second floor are great, the attention to detail (such as build in USB charging points) is great.We stayed for 4 nights, we slept well, we had good breakfasts, the bar was always open when we wanted it - booking restaurants or finding a repair for something was no problem, and yes we will return.You know this is one of those places where I feel I should give a bad review to stop others coming and so I can keep this place to myself!! But the work the hotel puts in and the excellent service deserves reward.For the the wheelchair user the ground floor is totally accessible, the main building lift works for the wheelchair and the modernised rooms have good space and shower rooms. The doorways into the en-suites don't accommodate (are not wide enough for) a wheelchair so I used crutches.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Simon - Family holiday

Friendly helpful staff. Lovely rooms. Great breakfast. Bikes to hire. Only negative is use of studwork between rooms so noisy at night as you can hear everyone who isn’t being quiet. Recommend it never the less just take your ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper. €6 a large draft beer.

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 023 Norfolk - Couples holiday

Score 10 / 10 Everything :) I travel a lot in work and pleasure but this hotel was most amazing ever. Quite and nice place...perfect for rest. Staff were totally amazing and very very polite and nice. Breakfast was perfect....so much different choise and we loved fresh fruit section. Everything was perfect :)))) Definitely coming back :)

edenhotel en they-tell-about-us 002 Emina - Couples holiday


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